The Benefits of Using an Applicant Tracking System – How It Can Make a Difference to Your Company

A good applicant tracking system or onboarding platform can make all the difference. 98% of Fortune 500 companies use one or more applicant tracking systems to keep track of their applicants. Although adoption of such systems is lower among small and medium-sized businesses, it is steadily increasing. Read on to learn more about applicant tracking and the benefits of using one. Listed below are a few of the most popular applicant tracking systems. Each of these systems has its own benefits and drawbacks.


The Workable applicant tracking system is a comprehensive solution for managing the entire recruitment process, from job advertisement creation to in-person interviewing. This comprehensive applicant tracking system makes it easy to create targeted job ads and tailor application forms for sourcing the right candidates. With its job ad analytics, it is easy to spot which job ads are performing well and make adjustments as needed. This software requires no technical knowledge or a guided product tour.

With Workable, you can track feedback, social media profiles, and resumes. Workable also track screening tests, feedback from hiring teams, and follow-up after the first interview. Onboard reporting gives you a clear idea of how long you’ve been interviewing candidates and what their performance was. Lastly, you can export data to various formats so you can track progress on an open job. Workable also helps you manage job boards, able candidates, and candidate feedback.

With Workable, you can search over 400 million candidate profiles to find the right fit for the position you’re recruiting for. It also features a built-in employee referral program to help you get referred to candidates that match your company’s needs. It can even streamline your hiring process by automating processes like offering letters. You can start using Workable to manage your recruitment process and make better hires in no time. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and see what it can do for your business!

Another great feature of Workable is its ability to post jobs to over 200 job boards. This tool allows you to post jobs with a single click. The platform has a library of job titles and descriptions, which makes the entire process seamless. Workable also offers customizable branding pages for employers, which help them highlight the benefits of working with their company. You can collaborate with your team and your hiring decision-makers with Workable! The Workable applicant tracking system provides a comprehensive database of job titles and responsibilities, and it offers many tools to make the hiring process efficient and productive.


With its applicant tracking system, you can find and hire top talent. The company’s robust applicant tracking system enables you to import social contact data, manage discounted posting, and track applicant activity. Its mobile-friendly interface makes it easy to fill out paperwork at any time, from any location. Using ClearCompany’s intelligent forms, you can reduce errors and save time by automatically verifying eligibility. ClearCompany also integrates with third-party applicant tracking system providers like LinkedIn, Proliant, and Paylocity.

ClearCompany’s applicant tracking system has a 90% success rate, which demonstrates its ability to boost the quality of your hiring process. Its proven HR software and methodology support role-based hiring, which is key to smarter selection and retention. ClearCompany’s applicant tracking system leverages the company’s culture, values, and known qualities to attract the best talent. Its experience in the human resources industry spans 16 years, and it is software and expertise reflect the impact of economic cycles.

If you’re looking for a more customizable applicant tracking system, you should consider Bullhorn Staffing and Zoho Recruit. Both products offer intuitive user interfaces and customizable features. With a free trial, you can try the system out for yourself to see if you like it. Most of them offer a walkthrough and presentation so that you can get a feel for their functionality. You can also try out the ClearCompany system by signing up for a free trial.

The ClearCompany team has industry experts ready to answer any questions you may have. Customer support is also available by phone, chat, or email. ClearCompany has been in business for over a decade, so you can be sure that the customer service team is there to help. However, there are still some drawbacks to ClearCompany’s application tracking system. The biggest drawback is its cost. With a price tag that exceeds $200, it may not be affordable for all businesses. You should consider all of these aspects before making your final decision.


A good applicant tracking system makes it easy for hiring managers to track, filter, and move candidates through the hiring process. Using a single-window dashboard, you can easily see open jobs and applicants at every step of the hiring process. In addition to tracking applications, you can also create custom onboarding forms and communicate with candidates through dedicated email templates. With BerniePortal, you can streamline your recruiting and hiring processes without having to invest time and energy into separate email signatures or spreadsheets.

Another benefit of BerniePortal is its time and attendance feature. Employees can clock in and out, request edits to their time, and view their timesheets. This functionality gives employers complete control over employee clock-in and clock-out time. You can also restrict employee IP addresses, limit time-off requests, and monitor overtime with the BerniePortal PTO module. With time and attendance management made easy, your HR department will have a better understanding of your workforce and reduce the risk of understaffing.

A comprehensive HR platform, such as BerniePortal, allows employers to manage benefits administration, applicant tracking, and time-off. It streamlines the applicant pool management process, eliminates paperwork, and improves compliance throughout the entire employee life cycle. And the best part? You can manage your entire employee lifecycle from one application. And, as an added benefit, you can extend this functionality to mobile devices so employees can access their information from anywhere.

The system also includes performance management functionality that allows employers to manage 1:1 meetings and back-and-forth messaging. This is particularly useful when hiring a new employee, as it allows them to sign all documents electronically and stay compliant. In addition, Bernieportal includes features to help you manage ACA compliance. You can automatically file 1094/1095-C forms with the IRS using the system. You can also customize emails to remind employees about their responsibilities and concerns. This way, you can increase visibility and accountability.

Linkedin Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to post job opportunities on your company’s LinkedIn page. The applicant tracking system allows you to monitor these postings, and can even notify you of any applications. The job postings are categorized by skills, which allows you to track how many people apply for your position. Additionally, you can add video conferencing to your process. If you use both services, you will be able to manage the entire recruitment process from one place.

A well-integrated LinkedIn ATS will automatically post job ads to LinkedIn and allow you to monitor their applications. Once your job listing is posted, candidates can apply for the position right from their LinkedIn profile page. This is a great way to improve the quality of your hires by eliminating the need to switch between applications and resumes. You can also post job ads for free with LinkedIn Recruiter. If you’re considering using this applicant tracking system, sign up for a free 15-day trial.

The applicant tracking system can also allow you to send private messages to applicants. In addition, LinkedIn ATS systems can also allow you to post your job listings across your social media accounts. The system will automatically detect the user’s profile and match it with a suitable job. It will automatically share profiles with similar characteristics. As your network grows, you will find that LinkedIn recommends more people with similar traits. The more people you endorse, the better.

LinkedIn Recruiter also has different filter features. You can search the applicant’s profile by city, job title, skill, and company connection. This will narrow down the results to a select group of candidates. You can also perform psychometric tests to find candidates with certain characteristics and skills. It is important to select the right tool for your recruiting process. Once you’ve chosen your applicant tracking system, you can begin using it.

ATS Platforms as a Service

ATS providers should be able to implement their systems seamlessly for you. Their implementation process should be straightforward, with typical learning curves and overall user experience in mind. Look for case studies that demonstrate the ease of use and overall adoption of their systems. Additionally, they should be able to track core KPIs, such as recruitment results, to justify the cost of the platform. And make sure to involve your team in the test drive, so that they can provide real feedback and suggestions.

ATS providers are available in many different styles, depending on the size and needs of your business. The software as a service (SaaS) model provides a turnkey solution, with providers hosting the platform on a cloud-based server and providing ongoing customer success management. This type of model is becoming increasingly popular with companies, as it allows for 24-hour access and customer support. In addition, it is easy to scale and integrate with existing systems.

ATS vendors don’t guarantee that their products will work seamlessly on mobile devices, so be sure to check whether your ATS vendor offers a responsive design. Unlike the old days of dragging and dropping apps and navigating complicated interfaces, ATS vendors have made it easy for mobile users to get the job done on the go. If your ATS isn’t responsive, you may be stuck with a poorly performing system.

ATS platforms provide recruiters with the tools to create customized job descriptions and application forms. These tools can then be placed on a company’s careers page where candidates can apply to open positions. In most cases, the ATS platform serves as the first point of contact between the company and the candidate. ATS forms collect candidate contact information, supporting documentation, and more, funneling them to a candidate database. It can even automate the process of sending thank you emails and storing interview results.