The Best Ways to Transform Your Fireplace

An outdated, plain, or dismal-looking fireplace can be an eyesore in any living space. But with just a splash of paint it can become the focal point.

An artisan tile surround from Pinteresting Plans can give a fireplace a distinctive appearance. Each tile is hand designed, molded, and glazed by artisans for unique variations in colour and design.


One of the quickest and easiest ways to update a fireplace is with paint. No matter if your fireplace features traditional red brick construction or something more contemporary, adding a fresh coat can instantly bring new life and refresh any room – not breaking your budget either!

Before painting the surface of your fireplace, make sure that its condition is in good shape by cleaning with TSP and wire brush. Select a color; neutral white will keep your fireplace looking clean and fresh while using bold hues such as black or gray can add contrast and make your design stand out more.

Once you have chosen a color, the next step should be prepping your fireplace. Tape off any molding you plan to keep, as well as any unpainted surfaces like hearths and mantels, like hearths or mantels. Make sure the area is well ventilated, well lit, and airflow is sufficient. Before beginning painting, be sure to use heat resistant masonry paint  which come equipped with built-in primers – saving both time and money from priming!

You can also apply techniques which employs mortar to produce an interesting plaster-like surface texture, adding both texture and interest to a surface while adding dimension and dimension to your work. However, be warned as this process can become quite messy, needing considerable cleanup afterwards.

Use of textured spray paint is another fun, yet tricky option that may require additional work from you to ensure an even distribution of spray.

It can also be to used shiplap to give fireplace a more modern aesthetic and frame it with crown molding, while simultaneously budget-ing this project. Although this took quite some time and patience to complete on budget, she’s delighted with the outcome and highly recommends this as an economical way of updating a fireplace makeover!


One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to modernize your fireplace is with a tile face. Tiles come in various styles, materials and patterns – ideal for complementing different styles – making this project quick and straightforward for anyone to complete; peel-and-stick tiles make tiling over fireplaces even simpler!

Black is an eye-catching accent color that adds drama and can serve as the basis of a striking focal wall or full fireplace surround. When selecting black tiles for this use, choose ones with matte finishes which won’t reflect too much light, to avoid creating harsh contrast with your living room decor.

Alternatively, consider subtler accents by opting for white subway tiles – these classic tiles pair beautifully with any color and will surely make your fireplace stand out. Or go bold with a unique picket tile design like this picket style tile that features long narrow shapes with pointed ends for an updated feel in any space.

Grey herringbone tiles are an elegant classic that blend well into both contemporary and traditional settings. Their subtle gray hue pairs well with both brushed and polished nickel hardware as well as white or wood mantelpieces for a stunning appearance.

Once you’ve chosen your tile, remove its mesh backing and arrange it on the fireplace. Make sure its tiles line up correctly and you are happy with their appearance before moving on to the next. For this reason, it may be beneficial to lay out all of them first so you can visualize how they will appear when installed on the fireplace.

Once you are ready to lay the tiles themselves, take your time. Be sure that each piece has been cut, measured, and applied before moving on to the next. For even greater accuracy in cutting precision you may wish to utilize tools such as a scoring blade or utility knife.

Once completed, ensure your tiles are heat resistant and adhere to the granite surface securely. In addition, periodically inspect for signs of loosening or damage – particularly if you own a gas fireplace.


A stone fireplace can look gorgeous while also dominating a room, so to lessen its impact on a space you could try painting it a light neutral color that gives it a sleek modern appearance while still giving you room to add decorative items on its mantel shelf.

This stone fireplace was painted using diluted chalk paint that lets some of its natural hue and texture show through, giving the stone an updated yet classic appearance that fits seamlessly with its farmhouse-inspired surroundings. This project was quick, simple, and relatively affordable; making a noticeable impactful statement about how people view fireplaces.

Sage green paint on this stone fireplace helps pull together an otherwise sparse room. The hue is so versatile that it works with many decor styles – it’s an affordable way to freshen a space without going through extensive remodeling work!

Painting a stone fireplace white can also be an effective change. Doing so helps lessen visual clutter in the space while providing an elegant backdrop for any artwork or trinkets you wish to display.

Paint’s versatility extends even to stone surfaces. If you love the look of a stacked stone fireplace but aren’t crazy about its color scheme, whitewashing may help neutralize it for you – an increasingly popular trend that works on many different kinds of stone types.

If your stacked stone fireplace is in good shape but its mortar has cracked or crumbled over time, you can repair it using simple techniques that require patience and only require tools that most homeowners already own in their toolboxes.

Replacing old mortar with new is another cost-cutting DIY option, making a quick and professional looking transformation more achievable than full renovation. There are kits of prepackaged mortar available which make installation easy.


Your fireplace needn’t require major construction; with a few smart ideas and creative flair, giving this functional focal point a fresh new look doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming.

One of the easiest and simplest ways to update a fireplace is painting it. Brick, rock and wood fireplaces can all be painted using various techniques that suit your aesthetic; from completely covering brick with paint for a modern feel to using limewash for whitewashed brick-like results (without covering each individual brick), or even employing German Schmear techniques that add texture and create unique paint jobs!

Replacement of the hearth and surround is one way to quickly change the look of any fireplace, whether that means simply swapping out quarry tile hearth for ceramic or stone tiles or an extensive construction project where they added an entire wall-sized fireplace that brings warmth and character into any living room.

For a classic aesthetic, you may also reface a fireplace using natural wood paneling or thin boards – depending on your personal taste and the type of wood chosen – both can work effectively in covering its facings. Wood fireplace facings may be left unfinished to achieve rustic charm or stained to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your decor.

Before installing wood refacing to your fireplace, be certain that it complies with local fire codes. Check with your fire department or consult their website if in doubt.

As this build-grade fireplace was starting to look outdated, its owner decided to give its beige tile some fresh new life with some spray paint! This simple DIY project gave it a new color while making the focal point of their living room. If tiling isn’t your cup of tea, why not switch things up by placing some more sophisticated pattered or mosaic tiles around its surround instead? Follow How to Tile a Fireplace Surround for step-by-step instructions that could bring an elegant upgrade!