How to Choose the Right Gondola Shelving for Your Needs

Gondola shelves have long been the workhorses of retail stores, featuring double-sided units in different shapes and sizes with various depths, heights, and shelving options.

Each manufacturer’s gondola shelf units vary significantly in terms of design. Some may be longer or shorter, and slot thickness can differ.

Avoid these issues by following these simple tips for selecting the appropriate gondola shelving to meet your needs.


No matter if it’s new or used gondola shelving you need, there is sure to be the ideal size and style available for you. Gondola shelves come in various heights making them suitable for a range of retail environments; such as grocery stores where clerks need visibility over into another aisle while customers remain visible to store staff; convenience stores where visibility of staff may be more essential; it all depends on your specific needs and space available in your shop.

Gondola shelving comes in various widths to help create rows of aisles in your store easily with this type of shelving. This feature makes gondola shelving perfect for larger stores that sell a range of products as it allows customers to navigate easily around your store without getting stuck in one particular aisle. However, smaller stores offering limited items also benefit from having this kind of shelving as it helps organize merchandise by categorizing products accordingly.

Gondola shelving comes in many colors to help create a visually appealing retail display, including beige and black options that make product packaging stand out more visually. This is especially effective for products featuring bright or colorful graphics that the shelving color helps accentuate. You can even purchase custom colors to match the theme or decor of your store.


Gondola shelves can be found in virtually every type of store imaginable – from grocery chains and convenience stores to gift shops and hospitals/laboratories for displaying parts & supplies. One place you won’t find them, however, is your home or office as these gondola shelves were specifically designed to withstand retail environments by free-standing or wall mounting capabilities.

Gondola shelves have the advantage of coming in various colors to complement the decor of any store, and can even be customized further with accessories like hooks or sign holders to give them a more customized appearance. Their adaptable nature also makes them an excellent solution for stores who must adapt their displays according to seasons or events.

No matter the color or size of your gondola shelving, it’s essential to remember it will be visible from all sides and should complement your store’s brand image. Furthermore, consider how much space each shelf requires as this can determine how many full wall or half wall units to purchase and whether full wall units or half wall units would best meet your product needs.

Gondola Shelving is an effective way to display and promote your products professionally, easily and affordably. Easy to assemble, this cost-effective shelving can make any store more inviting for customers – make sure it stands up well over time by investing a bit extra so it looks good too. Not sure which Gondola Shelf best meets your needs? Don’t hesitate to get in touch – our specialists will gladly provide recommendations tailored specifically to your business and products being sold!

Style & Decor

Gondola shelving systems can be easily utilized in almost any retail environment, from department stores to special offers and clearance sales. When combined with slatwall displays, gondola shelves create an eye-catching presentation which increases customer awareness of a specific product or theme in your store and attract potential buyers. Gondola systems can even be used to highlight seasonal goods, special promotions or sale items for maximum impact! If you are interested to know more about gondola shelving, then I suggest you check out this site.

Gondola units come in all sorts of heights, widths and lengths to meet any retail store need. You can choose between free-standing or fastening to a wall models – each may have either solid shelving behind or pegboard with horizontal grooves for shelves – or slatwall that holds hooks – with or without price ticket rails, shelves baskets or peg hooks depending on what merchandise is sold and available space versus budget considerations. When selecting the ideal shelving type for your store it’s important to carefully consider all these factors to find what exactly what works best fits in terms of merchandise offered, budget constraints vs available space or available space constraints when selecting which unit type to purchase for customization purposes based on various factors including what merchandise sells best fits within its budget constraints as well.

Considerations should also be made when choosing a gondola shelving system based on category roles and strategies you have in place, which could influence how much space is allocated for certain categories, impacting upon how many gondolas will be necessary.

Select a gondola shelving unit that best matches your store layout and customer demographics. For instance, boutique stores with narrow aisles typically require less gondolas than supermarkets that feature wider aisles.

Make sure to select a gondola shelving system that matches the color scheme of your store, to create a cohesive look and ease customer navigation through your shop. Also ensure shelves fit the thickness of gondola uprights perfectly; if they are too thick or thin they could become an obstacle when trying to merchandise items on them.


Gondola shelving comes in various materials to complement any retail environment, from wood for a more traditional feel, to metal, for industrial aesthetics and increased durability.

One of the key considerations when choosing a gondola shelf is color. Color plays an integral role in brand image and customer perception – for instance if your products appeal to a younger demographic you may wish to choose a vibrant shade while targeting an older crowd would benefit more from something subtle.

Considerations must also be given when purchasing gondola shelves is their thickness. Shelving units come with different thicknesses; thus it is essential that any shelf purchased fits seamlessly with its slotting system for optimal merchandising results and product damage prevention. Incorrectly-sized shelves may cause issues with product merchandising and even product damage if purchased incorrectly.

An ideal way to determine how much gondola shelving you require is conducting a store inventory, which will give you a clear understanding of how much space is available in which to choose from and select appropriate shelves. You could also consult your store marketing team or professional retail design consultant in order to get an estimate on how many shelves may be necessary.

Gondola shelving can be used to display most forms of merchandise, from food and beverages to clothing and accessories. Gondola shelves can also be used to promote seasonal items, special offers, or hot new products; retailers and vendors often create marketing campaigns around gondola shelving endcaps which add a splash of color and attract attention when displayed alongside another display gondola.


Gondola shelving prices depend on the type and accessories chosen; however, most models are reasonably priced and easily available for purchase both retail shelving supply stores as well as online.

Selecting the appropriate gondola shelving based on your individual needs will save money and create an appealing store layout for customers. Choose between various lengths, heights, and depths when purchasing gondola shelves to meet product needs while using them alone or combined with other systems for maximum floor space utilization.

At the core of any gondola shelving choice lies color. Neutral shades like beige or black provide the ideal background to showcase products in their best light; this is particularly effective with products that boast vivid packaging like cereal boxes or soda bottles.

Choose gondola shelves in colors that complement or stand out against your store decor for maximum effect, making sure that products stand out and attract customer interest. Use different colored shelves when offering special promotions or sale items to draw extra focus from customers.

When selecting gondola shelving, one of the main considerations should be size and style of display desired. You have several options when it comes to this selection – single-sided gondola shelves are one option while double-sided models provide more variety – or you may wish to connect two neighboring gondola shelving units via corner bays for an exclusive corner bay display solution.

Combining gondola shelving with slat wall or pegboard displays is another viable approach to adding variety and character to your displays while still using gondola shelving for most of your product inventory.