Easy Steps You Can Try to Extend Laptop Battery Life  

Fortunately, there are ways to extend your battery’s life. You can extend the life of your laptop battery by avoiding video streaming sites, limiting peripherals, and exiting programs you’re not using. This article will give you some of the best practices for extending battery life. Just follow the tips below to maximize your battery’s potential! Then, enjoy your extended battery life. 

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Streaming Videos 

Streaming video takes a toll on your battery. By 2020, 80 percent of all Internet traffic will be devoted to video. Fortunately, North Carolina State University electrical engineers have created a way to transmit data and power with one signal. That way, the battery can last much longer. For now, avoid watching the video to prolong the battery life on your laptop. And if you want to keep your battery life in check, follow these tips to make it easier for you to save money. 

Limiting Peripherals  

Leaving the laptop connected to the mains can prolong the battery life and maximize its functionality. Leaving the DVD drive running can be even more detrimental, as the disc spins up every time you open Windows Explorer or use the Save option. If your laptop does not have a disc drive, there are several other steps you can take to prolong its battery life. First of all, you need to disable any USB accessories that draw power. 

Secondly, you need to limit the number of USB peripherals you use. This means that you should turn off the speakers and webcam, which draw juice from the battery. You can also turn off the built-in webcam. These extraneous devices should be minimized or turned off entirely. Turning off the webcam also cuts down on the battery. By limiting the number of USB peripherals you use, you can significantly extend the battery life of your laptop. 

Exiting Programs You are Not Using 

Whenever possible, close programs you’re not using, especially those that use a large amount of battery power. Especially in laptops, battery life is more important than ever. You’ll have to close the background processes and apps of programs you don’t use frequently to extend the battery life of your laptop. Also, try to use the built-in touchpad instead of a mouse or a trackpad. 

The best way to save power on your laptop is to shut it down when you’re not using it. Leaving it on will not cause the battery to die completely, but it will drain the battery quicker. You should also avoid leaving your laptop in airplane mode, where the power supply won’t be available. If this happens, shutting down the laptop is a better option than trying to restart it. 

Reducing Screen Brightness  

If you are constantly using your laptop, it may be time to reduce the screen brightness. Keeping the screen on is the single biggest drain on your laptop’s battery. If you need to keep your laptop on, you can adjust the brightness by clicking the Start button and then choosing Settings > System > Display. Click the brightness slider to the left to reduce the brightness. This will help you maximize battery life. The lower the brightness, the longer the battery will last. 

One of the easiest ways to reduce screen brightness is to adjust the settings in Quick Settings. To access Quick Settings, press the Windows key + A. The brightness slider should appear there. Lower the brightness until you can read the screen without straining your eyes. You can also adjust the screen turn-off time. After lowering the screen brightness, you should test the settings to see which one gives you the best battery life. Depending on the screen brightness, you may need to adjust other settings.