Tried and Tested Beauty Treatments That Women Swear By

Here are some tried and tested beauty treatments that women swear by. They are safe, effective and affordable — and you don’t have to be a dermatologist or esthetician to try them!

For instance, a lactic acid treatment is one of the best products to plump and brighten skin.

1. Bee Venom Facial

Bee venom facials are slowly but surely making their way into the beauty scene, with Catherine Middleton and Hollywood stars like Kate Hudson swearing by them. This treatment is a unique, hands-on experience that works in harmony with the body’s natural healing processes to smooth and firm. A DIY facial of this type would be dangerous so you’ll definitely need to get an appointment at a Medical spa – Skinsation LA, fortunately, offers similar services.

The venom mimics the effects of a bee sting (without the painful bit), increasing blood flow to the skin to bring in fresh oxygen and nutrients and promoting production of collagen and elastin fibres. It also inhibits a group of enzymes known as matrix metalloproteinases that break down these fibres.

This boosts the skin’s ability to produce new collagen and elastin, which results in firmer-looking skin. In a 2015 study, applying a bee venom serum twice daily significantly reduced the depth and total number of wrinkles in women’s faces, compared with those who used a placebo.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits, bee venom is a known anti-inflammatory. It has been shown to reduce the number and severity of blemishes, acne, and dry skin patches.

It can also support the healing process in wounds and alopecia. However, research into this is relatively new and the quantity and type of bee venom a product contains is often a deciding factor in its efficacy.

As a result, a treatment that incorporates the use of bee venom may only be effective if it is applied in combination with other treatments such as a chemical peel.

The venom also contains natural antibiotics that help the skin to heal and prevent allergies, making this a great treatment for sensitive skin. It is also an extremely effective treatment for enlarged pores.

2. Bird Feces Facial

The Bird Feces Facial is a treatment that promises to brighten and heal skin. It’s a popular treatment in upscale Japanese spas, and is often recommended by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and David Beckham. The facial uses uguisu no fun (powdered nightingale droppings) that are sourced from nightingale farms in Japan and sanitized by UV light before being ground into a powder.

According to the spa, a combination of proteins, fat-degrading enzymes and whitening enzymes in uguisu no fun help to clear up acne and whiten the skin. It also helps to reduce oil production and minimize the appearance of pores.

It’s been around for centuries and has been used by kabuki actors, geishas and Buddhist monks. The poop contains urea and guanine, which are said to lock in moisture.

A number of cosmetics firms have recently incorporated this ingredient in their products. A-lister celebrity Victoria Beckham is reported to be a fan of the treatment and claims it is “effective” for removing makeup and clearing up acne.

One Direction singer Harry Styles is also believed to be a fan of this treatment, which he has been getting before the band’s world tour. He is reportedly paying PS180 to have the bird excrement smeared onto his face.

The facial is a three-step process that starts with the use of clay to draw out impurities and dead skin cells, then a paste of the nightingale poop and powdered rice bran is massaged into the skin. After the exfoliation, the face is cleansed and a mask is applied.

The treatment can be a little pricey, but it’s worth the money to get brighter and clearer skin. It’s a great alternative to chemical peels and can even be used on sensitive skin.

3. Nightingale Facial

The Nightingale Facial is a tried and tested beauty treatment that many women swear by. It is a unique skin treatment that incorporates nightingale poop as the main ingredient to cleanse, brighten and soften the skin.

Known as uguisu no fun in Japanese, the droppings of the nightingale have a high concentration of urea and guanine which helps to retain moisture and fight sun damage. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which help in fighting acne and removing pigmentation.

According to experts, it is a natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells and brightens the skin. It is a perfect skin treatment for people with dry, dull and sensitive skin.

This treatment is sworn by by many celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise. This is a natural beauty treatment that contains bird poop and pearl protein and other ingredients to give a glowing complexion and reduce wrinkles.

It works as an exfoliant and a deep cleanser because it has a lot of peptides, amino acids and enzymes that have anti-aging benefits. It can even help to rejuvenate the skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and scars.

Aside from this, it can help to remove dark spots and blemishes and it can be used to even out the skin tone. The urea and guanine also have iridescent properties that make the skin look shimmery and radiant.

This is a natural skin treatment that has been a hit with women from all over the world since it first became popular in Japan. Geishas and Kabuki actors began using the nightingale poop as a way to remove makeup, whiten their face and brighten the skin. It has a rich source of proteins, vitamins and antioxidants that make the skin soft and supple.

4. Cloning Facial

In a nutshell, facial cloning is the process of capturing a person’s face in 3D and then creating an artificial skin that mimics their appearance, right down to their wrinkles. This is a fairly simple treatment that can be used to treat acne and wrinkles, as well as improve the overall appearance of the face.

The most popular use of cloning involves transferring the sexy creases and droopy brows of a person to their avatar in a video game, but researchers have discovered that it’s also possible to clone a person’s facial expressions. This is an important step in making computer games more realistic, as it means that players can express their emotions and feel more connected to the characters within.

Using this technology, researchers have successfully created virtual avatars that resemble the original subject in the most realistic way possible. However, a cloning algorithm can only be effective if it is capable of identifying the most important expressions and accurately copying them from one face to another.

Although facial cloning sounds a little scary, it is actually quite straightforward and can be performed by anyone who has the technical know-how. To get started, simply ask the technician to apply a topical treatment that will help sooth any minor irritations and redness on your skin. Then, ask to have the cloning application done, which takes about 30 minutes.

To test this clone-like trick, we used the same photo as stimuli in Studies 1 to 4, and presented a variety of cloned faces with and without the aforementioned ingredient. Surprisingly, the clone-like effect was most prominent when the faces were presented in a highly realistic context.

5. Bird Poop Facial

Bird poop has been used to treat skin since the 1600s in Japan, where geishas use it to keep their pale complexions. Now, it’s become a popular beauty treatment at an upscale Japanese spa in Manhattan.

The treatment is called the Geisha Facial and is a must-try for anyone looking for a unique way to take care of their face. Spa owner Shizuka Bernstein, a Tokyo native who married an American, has been offering the facial for five years at her Shizuka New York spa in Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

According to Shizuka, the facial is meant to “soften” and brighten your skin. The nightingale poop she uses is called uguisu no fun, which is a special type of feces that’s supposedly good for the skin because it contains an enzyme that helps to renew the skin’s cells and keep them healthy.

During the facial, the poop is mixed with rice bran to mask its shitty scent and applied to your skin with a brush before being gently scrubbed off. The poop feels like a creamy, gloopy substance that leaves your face feeling soft and smooth.

It’s supposed to contain urea and guanine, both of which are natural moisturizing agents that can be found in many skin creams. The urea helps your skin to stay hydrated and the guanine can lighten spots or blemishes.

However, there are other factors to consider before rushing out to try this bizarre beauty ritual. If you have sensitive or allergic skin, uguisu no fun can irritate your eyes, nose and mouth. And, if you have an allergy to feces, it may be better to avoid this treatment entirely. Plus, this type of facial isn’t recommended for very dry or sensitive skin.