Plastic Surgery: An Art Form

Art can be seen as a way to create beauty where there is none. The Summit of art is, therefore, to create this same beauty from the ungracious raw material, a matter that deviates from beauty. Art is a purely human area because there is no art without a man. Moreover, there is no beauty or ugliness without prior human judgment. If man wants to make art, that is, to create beauty from ugliness, why is he not brace what is most important to him: the gaze of the other? He would make two birds with one stone. Individualism and current society carry physical beauty to the ultimate goal of intersubjective relationships. Art could, therefore, be used to model a body to make it a masterpiece. That’s why services like plastic surgery in denver¬†exist, to create the best version of you.

Science has long been synonymous with progress, before being a source of concern. Cosmetic surgery has recently appeared as opposition to useful and functional surgery. The body can work without being aesthetic. But art does not by definition have any usefulness, intrinsic. He lives through the eyes and judgment, just like the beauty of a body (and not the body itself, as a sum of cells). The surgery is therefore totally atypical since it uses science for purposes so to speak unnecessary and aesthetic. So it is the cross between these two opposing disciplines. And like any bridge between two opposing areas in their aims, it often arouses bitter criticism, often unjust and hypocritical.

In the same way, art is often used as a therapy. What about those people who feel bad about their skin because of a physical defect that continually obsesses them? They are the happiness of reality shows (very present on the American channels) based on cosmetic surgery which then comes as a saver of weak and neglected souls, ungrateful bodies, and offensive judgments. It is in this precise sense that art can be therapy. Access to aesthetics, to beauty, is a path to the well-being that one would be wrong to denigrate.

Finally, there is an ultimate link between cosmetic surgery and art. Art is trivially regarded as a “means of expressing oneself,” a symbol of our interior, an open window of our emotions, our aspirations and our subconscious. And what is cosmetic surgery if not the expression of an evil? It is indeed the symbol of sadness, of the vision of an injustice that birth or age has brought. And instead of expressing this dismay by years of ruminations melodramatic, it is better to face it and express this dismay: “Yes I do not feel good in my body, but I do not lament, I control my body and my misfortune.” With this in mind, there is, therefore, an intrinsic link between beauty and art, namely expression of feelings, and their control.

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